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Site Investigation – Site Sampling

Geo Probe imageTo investigate known or suspected pollution a site investigation is performed.  During the site investigation samples are collected to locate, identify and quantify the contamination present, if any.

McGaha Consulting, Inc. has a licensed soil borer and uses our customized GeoProbe to collect soil and groundwater samples.   Our GeoProbe is mounted on a mini-skid loader to maximize maneuverability over tough terrain.  In addition, we own all necessary equipment to perform groundwater sampling, vapor intrusion sampling, and indoor air sampling. 

We own GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar equipment and magnetometer used to locate underground structures such as septic tanks, underground piping, underground tanks, voids, former excavation areas, etc. 

Our equipment and licensed staff is experienced in a wide variety of innovative products and procedures that accelerate and add precision to the data collected in the field, including; low flow groundwater sampling, direct push soil sampling methods (dual core, macrocore, split spoon), well points, pre-packed wells, sub-slab sampling, ambient air sampling, wipe samples, XRF testing, asbestos sampling, noise monitoring, aquifer pump test, slug test, dye tracing, and ground penetrating radar surveying, to name a few.